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$1000 Fender Bender Flounder

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Wednesday morning report, Buddy and I decided to go down to Matagorda to see if the flounder was biting. Still dark, while driving through the country roads at 55 mph, buddy and I were just shooting the breeze, next minute "OH S_ _T
DEER"......Too late, the deer had decided to cross the road, he jumped out from the ditch and hit the front headlight of my car. His head got stuck between my headlight and fender as her body swang to hit the door. My buddy at the time was looking at me, as he turn to his right, all he could see was a big animal by the window hitting the door. Scared the **** out of him and myself. There was no way to avoid hitting the animal, being a one way on both sides, there were cars on the other side and a car right on my tail. I could not slam on the breaks. My instinct I step on the gas hoping not to hit the deer head on. Lucky I did, otherwise there would have deer through the windshield. Stop at local gas stations and check the damages...still driveable, we turn around to see if the deer had fell in the ditch. Couldnt find her so we off to fishing. Got to the spot, end up catching eight but only one keeper and rat red. As we drove home, we stop at the area of the incident to see if we could find the deer in case the insurance people didnt believe me. We walk between the grass and road about 200 yards from the gas station saw some legs sticking out of the air. That was it..deer must of been about 130 lbs plus...the smell was in the air...took some pics. Wait about 15 yards away another set of legs...we walked up and yeap, that was the one that hit us...took pics. We walk back, told the attendant at the local gas station, he mention this happens at least once a week. So lesson learn, to either buy a big *** truck or not drive through the country at night.


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