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Used white Leer camper shell 02-08 dodge 6’4 bed. Fair condition
-tinted windows
-2020 Leer lock and two keys
-2020 gas struts for glass
-4 bolts and nuts for install
-2020 LED dome light
-LED third brake light

Typical scratches and issues for being well used. Pop out side windows were both working but now stick but still open. probably need some work to open again normally.

Heavy and keeps bed dry. I don’t know what trucks it fits, I know it fits my 2003 dodge ram 2500 with a 6’4 bed.

Overhang in photo is just me removing it, it’s flush on my truck.

02-08 6’4 bed but potentially fit 02-18 6’4 beds but can’t guarantee

Location: Dallas TX
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