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  1. General Fishing Discussion
    Hello all, I'm a brand new member to the site and just recently (in the past couple days) have been encountering a big problem while wade fishing in the surf. I have been using a regular soft plastic setup with a quarter ounce jig head and my 12 lb. mono tied directly to it. The Spanish...
  2. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Bay Flats Lodge Report By Captain Chris Martin May 20, 2014 Staying Put Despite strong winds, choppy bays, and stained water everyone experienced a surprising great day of fishing. Most all the boats picked up limits of reds with scores of black drum checked in. Red fish were congregated over...
  3. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    By Captain Chris Martin As a general rule of nature, spring is known for bringing the coastal waters of Texas a lot of wind, and there will be no exception to that rule here in April. We should expect to encounter days with winds blowing between 15 and 30 mph, with occasional gusts that may be...
  4. General Fishing Discussion
    I have had the problem of wading far away from the boat, catching fish, and then returning to the boat only to find that my stringer is half a mile away. Could y'all give me info on how to make a secure holder for your stinger to your wade belt? or buy one... I was thinking about a 1"x1"x5"...
  5. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    We just welcomed 21 fishing anglers calling themselves the "Brokeback Borrochos" in to fish on Monday with lures with everyone wade fishing. Here's a short video from our first cold front of the Fall season on Sunday, October 6. Enjoy! Captain Chris Martin
  6. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay â€" Seadrift, Texas by Capt. Chris Martin Sponsored Texas Marine August 7, 2013 There are a number of different types of fishing that people enjoy every day, somewhere. Some folks fly fish many of the great rivers in our country for some of the greatest...
  7. General Fishing Discussion
    I have been stationed in Hawaii for the past 4 years and and am back now. Just wondering where any good wade fishing spots are that I can get to with out a boat. Thanks for any help. Chris
  8. General Fishing Discussion
    Good Evening everybody, 1st of all, I would like to thank everybody that responded to my last post inquiring about this same topic (Trinity Bay). I have intended to respond to everyone of you, but I have been extremely, busy! You will hear from me soon. 2nd, I have made plans to leave Austin...
1-8 of 8 Results