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  1. Hunting Board
    Got my first turkey this past weekend and I'm looking for some ideas and recipes with wild turkey (the bird, not the whiskey). We kept the breast meat and thighs. I'm open to any ideas
  2. Hunting Board
    James took the morning off to try and fill his tag. We rigged up Charlie (our full strut decoy) with a device that allowed us to move him from the cover of the woods.
  3. Hunting Board
    Yesterday morning we headed out to try and fill Jimmy's tag before the season ended. He took a half day off work and we headed out. We used Charlie (modified Primos Killer B) again, but this time instead of fanning with him we made some more mods and worked him like a puppet from the Yaupons...
  4. Hunting Board
    This was my first turkey I have ever taken. He weighed in around 22 lbs and the longest of the 4 beards was about 10 inches long. He charged the decoy I was hiding behind and was shot at ~ 1 yard or so. I only caught his head with the edge of the pattern (probably the size of a golf ball) and...
  5. Hunting Board
    While hunting this weekend we had this young tom come in and put on his best show for us. We are waiting on those long beards though and we are a 1 gobbler county, so we let him go.
  6. TTMB
    What's the cheapest you guys have seen for frozen turkey (and where)? I've been wanting to buy some and make turkey jerky for some easy hunting/fishing snacks. Thanks Brad
1-6 of 7 Results