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  1. Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    Custom made 316 stainless surf rod holders. Will last a lifetime. 60 inches long. $250 for all three. Call 832-seven24-6five73
    $250 USD
  2. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Wow probably the best fishing I’ve had in years. Surf is where it’s at. Huge flicks of seagulls and pelicans. Just used a gold spoon and they would hit as soon as it hit the water. Sorry no pics but was wade fishing. I. Fortunately had to come in when a seagul somehow got tangled up between me...
  3. Gulf Coast Surf Fishing Message Board
    I know the weather has been **** lately, but has anyone been in the surf for trout lately? I’m itching to go try it out, but it sucks driving 2 hrs to Jamaica beach only to catch nada! The drive home is always long but it’s especially long after a slow day.
  4. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    "Blueprint for Success" by Bay Flats Lodge June 12, 2013 In a perfect world, all you would have to do in order to be considered a success at coastal angling is to launch your boat, run across the bay, hop into the water, toss your favorite lure, and begin catching fish. But we all know that...
  5. Gulf Coast Surf Fishing Message Board
    I have a few questions for anyone who fishes the surf in galveston and how the shark activity has been lately. I'm looking to pursue my old dreams of catching a decent size shark or just any shark will do. What types of bait have been used (i used to use blue runner a lot), what type of rigs...
  6. Gulf Coast Surf Fishing Message Board
    I'm in the market for a new/used rod and reel to use in the surf this summer. Just wondering your thoughts on the best bang for my buck or maybe even what to look for used. I'm looking at acquiring a rod/reel set up for $150-$200, something of good quality that if I take care of can use for a...
  7. Gulf Coast Surf Fishing Message Board
    Hey yall so im new to 2cool, and im just looking for all sorts of tips for success for my upcoming surf fishing trip. Id like to target redfish and shark, and ive got a setup to handle it. im using a penn combo with a 6'6 rod and a 25lw penn defiance reel. i just need to know what my best chance...
  8. Gulf Coast Surf Fishing Message Board
    So, some buddies and I are headed down to port-A in 2 weeks. We usually stick to the bays targeting specs and reds, but this trip we are thinking about sticking around the beach(dont have a boat)(yet). We all have 7 foot spinning set-ups and a couple of surf rods.. Whats the deal with the...
1-8 of 8 Results