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  1. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay By Captain Chris Martin Sponsored by Simms February 3, 2014 Windward Shoreline Success On Saturday I fished Todd A. and his group of 4 other wade fishermen. The weather has warmed up considerably from earlier in the week. Our tide levels were back up to...
  2. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Speckled Trout Lure Fishing Nice morning of catching a dozen trout on lures in two and a half feet of water, presenting a variety of lures which all worked. According to Captain Boriskie â€" “We had our way with the trout while drift fishing area flats, it really didn’t matter what color or...
  3. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    January 16, 2015 Wednesday morning delivered cold windy conditions out of the Northwest so the forecast for fishing was not great, but after everyone checked back in from their wade & drift fishing trips, we all were well surprised to hear what great trout and reds were landed. Dark plum...
1-3 of 3 Results