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shoalwater cat
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  1. Boats and boating equipment for sale (by owners)
    I am selling a 2018 19ft Shoalwater cat, everything listed below -2018 Yamaha SHO 115 approximately (230) hrs, oil change regularly etc. washed after each and every use and flushed motor. -2018 McClain boat trailer with two new tires and slick stick guide on tail lights. -Brand new Go9...
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    I have a 2013 shoal water cat that I tried everything on to correct the issue with it porposing and finally found the fix. I didn't want to drill in the hull and have to run tabs and have tried numerous props. I run my 4 blade that come with the boat and you can trim the motor all you want...
  3. Boating Forum
    Thinking on trying a 6" set back on the 19 shoal cat, i wanna see what this little guy does with it. Has anyone done it before i throw 100$ away lol? Thanks guys
  4. Boating Forum
    Im looking to buy a 2013 19 shoalwater cat, and im looking for some pros and cons before making the purchce. It will have a f115 yamaha and jackplate with four blade prop. All input is wecolme thank you..:bounce:
1-4 of 4 Results