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  1. For Sale Chronarch 50e

    Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    Have a shimano chronarch 50e I’m looking to sell. Please text 281-808-nine.zero.five.three. Located in Friendswood. Reel is in good condition, could probably use a cleaning soon, but works great. Pretty positive it has ceramic spool bearings and carbon fiber drag washer. It’s my primary reel...
    $225 USD
  2. Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    Brand new in the box. Retails for $180+tax, asking $150 cash. Would potentially entertain trading for a lew's lite, sarge rod, or fly fishing gear. Can add cash depending on trade value. Text 281-808-nine.zero.five.three...
    $150 USD
  3. Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    As mentioned in my previous post I sold my offshore boat over a year ago with the intent of buying another, but I bought a ranch instead. So... I am selling off my tackle starting with rods and reels first. I sold the majority of the items listed two weeks ago, but I have a few items left. If...
    $1 USD
  4. New, Used Boats and boating equipment (by dealers)
    Rod is gently used but in excellent condition. Bought new for $160. I do not ever use this rod and looking to sell it.
    $100 USD
  5. General Fishing Discussion
    I am looking into getting a spinning reel for salt water. I saw that BassPro was having a sale for the Shimano Nasci FC Spinning Reel and Shimano Spheros SW A Spinning Reel (gear ratio 6:2:1). Anyone used either of these? How do they hold up? Any other recommendations, are welcome. Blessings.
1-5 of 5 Results