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  1. Boating Forum
    Ok 2Cool, I had a previous thread questioning my props being sufficient for my boat. I have a 1995 Sea Ray Laguna 24 with twin Honda 130s. I ran my boat yesterday and I was able to get 33kts at 5500 rpms WOT. Does this sound about right? should I be getting closer to 38 or 40kts? I added...
  2. Boating Forum
    I am seeking knowledge of the Almighties. I have a Laguna 24. My hole shot is nonexistent and it plows the water on takeoff. It takes a while before planing and porpoising was bad. My boat also leans to the left i guess due to three batteries. I just recently ordered trim tabs for the 24' cc...
1-2 of 2 Results