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  1. scuba/spearfishing forum
    Winter offshore rig diving, who's in? Join us offshore for a 2 tank diving trip Sunday December 29th. We will leave from the Bridge Bait Dock in Freeport. Arrive at 8:00 AM, Go at 8:30 AM. B at first dive site 41 miles offshore around 10:30 AM. ETA back at dock 4:30 PM. Water temp is...
  2. scuba/spearfishing forum
  3. scuba/spearfishing forum
    Offshore 3 tank Rig diving trip this weekend. We will leave the dock in Freeport at 8:00 AM with our first stop being Rig Brazos A-19 60 miles out into the blue waters of the gulf. On site and divers in the water approximately 10:30 AM. Dive one tank take a surface interval/lunch break then...
1-3 of 3 Results