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  1. Freshwater Fishing General Discussion Forum
    Three of us are going down to fish for whites on Sam Rayburn in early June. We are experienced, serious white bass fishermen and enjoy trying out new (to us) lakes. We have never been to Rayburn and don't recall seeing any reports for Sam Rayburn whites on fishing forums. Has any of you fished...
  2. Freshwater Fishing General Discussion Forum
    I am heading to Sam Rayburn and will be staying close to Cassels-Boykin Park. I was wondering what the water level was right now and if i could get a boat in. I have a 22ft bay boat. (Blue Wave Pure Bay 2200) I have never fished this area or in fresh water for that matter. and am coming from...
  3. The Catfish Lounge
    Never see any reports from Sam Rayburn. My uncle lives up there and he says they're catching plenty catfish on jugs. He's older and computer illiterate. Anyone fishing up that way?
1-3 of 3 Results