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    I live on the lower Neches River and with all the rain fall it looks like the normal brackish water will now be fresh water for a while. Any advice on how to fish those areas as the habitats that bass usually stay in are pretty much non existent the closer you get to the Sabine Lake. Does the...
  2. General Fishing Discussion
    Hey yall, going to sabine for the first time mem weekend... where are the main boat launches located? Also any good places to stay. (north end if any) Thanks! :brew: Brandon
  3. General Fishing Discussion
    whats a good link for tides on the north end of sabine lake?
  4. General Fishing Discussion
    at sabine lake can you still use the ramp at the old baileys fish camp or is that destroyed to?
  5. General Fishing Discussion
    whats a better place to try this weekend keith lake or the texas bayou and lighthouse cove area. ive fished both this month and havent done great in either place so its kinda a toss up on where to try.if anybody has done good in these places or has anywhere else to advise going please tell. thanks
  6. General Fishing Discussion
    :texasflaghow have the jetties been lately. i want to go Monday. i know the trout were biting a week ago. any advice or info would be great.
  7. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    fished texas bayou friday evening. At first there was little tide movement. the mosquitos started to come out and we were about to head home when i get a nibble. caught a black drum(undersize). so decided to stay longer. Glad we did we caught 5 more redfish until the mosquitos drove us out.3...
1-7 of 7 Results