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  1. Hunts/hunting gear for sale & wanted
    Following is up for grabs: AA2200 - 2lbs AA2460- 1lbs AA1680- 2lbs CFE - 1lbs All powder is $30 per pound. Located in the Houston area. Send PM or text for a faster response: 979-308-6745.
  2. Hunts/hunting gear for sale & wanted
    Health issues are causing me to stop reloading and sell my entire shop and reloading supplies. Looking for a one and done deal, bring cash, two strong helpers and a U-Haul type truck and take it all in one trip. The following is an accurate but partial list of what is included. 28,700 primers...
  3. Firearms/Reloading/Handloading Forum
    All, I recently had the opportunity to buy a bunch of IMR (Hi-Skor) 700X powder, and jumped at it. It was a good deal, and it'll keep me loading for a while. Here's the Q: I know it is primarily a shotgun powder but I read a lot of places (including the Lee manual) that it can be used in...
1-3 of 3 Results