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  1. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Well, I started off near 7 mile road, near 99th street..the wind was coming hard into the shore. I checked it when I left the house and it said it was flat. By the time I got on the water at 6:15am it was at least 10 knots. I fished that spot for maybe 20 minutes. It was too rough to work...
  2. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    It was a grind yesterday but fun as always. Great to see and spend time in God's creation fishin' A buddy came down from Dallas and we took out the yaks. Got on the water at 6:11am. My buddy had a bird's nest in his new Chronarch - crappy way to start off the morning. I tried to help then...
  3. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Went with a buddy to fish yesterday.. we came up over the sea wall off 61st and wow - the surf looked magical. We drove down to the pass and were on the water by 7am throwing tops. I was using a SS jr and he was throwing something similar. Water color was decent. Not a lot of bait fish...
  4. General Fishing Discussion
    Hey I rarely tout my site here, actually, I don't think I ever have.. so this is a first! In honor of College Football kicking off this week, I am running a promo: Buy a T-shirt and visor and get a topwater and pack of Kelley Wigglers for free. Details are on the site...
  5. TTMB
    football can't get here fast enough.. Who is with me? Sound off w/ your college team or pro team.. Texans are lookin' good!
1-5 of 5 Results