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  1. Bluewater Board (Recreational Fishing)
    We've had a lot of customers lately that wanted to do nothing but blue marlin fish. To quote one of my favorites, "if we wanted red meat, we would have shot one of our cows." That's all I need to hear. **** the tuna, we want unicorns! Here are a few action pics -Capt. Woody Woods...
  2. Bluewater Board (Recreational Fishing)
    Rode out south pass this morning to be greeted by a rather large ground swell, throwing a wrench in our plans to run long for tuna. Luckily the bluewater was in close. The tuna and the bait played a bit hard to get this morning, so Hunter and I switched gears and took our guys swordfishing. 20...
1-2 of 2 Results