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  1. TTMB
    I fished every spot from the Causeway to Packery Jetty waiting for the weather to clear... managed to pull the big Bull red that I was looking for thanks to a break in the weather at the beach but ****!!! I have no idea what I could have done better before that!
  2. TTMB
    Had a great day down at the Packery Channel jetty with my father in law and managed a couple of good catches... so I figured I'd do a 'grilled on the half-shell' catch and cook video. It came out good but honestly it left a little to be desired, I'm curious if anyone here has any tips for...
  3. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Spent the past few days hitting the Packery Channel jetty and Padre Island surf... it's warming up now but man that cold snap brought the drum out. Reds and Uglies all up and down the channels and sandbars on Padre Island. I wont way it's every cast... but it's not hard to limit out. This was...
  4. TTMB
    I did it all... from wade fishing with fresh-dead shrimp at Fish Pass to live croaker on PINS to cut skipjack off Packery! Had a blast fishing twice per day for a solid week and caught a lot of fish. Now I want your feedback... which of these do you consider the best spots and which bait...
  5. TTMB
    Man we've been getting into those big guys lately. Bagging out every trip, and on this particular day we got several all over 20 inches. The trick is to get that bait deep... they are hanging out 5-6 down right next to the rocks. Hard to do on a rough day (I nearly went swimming several times...
  6. TTMB
    Spent a three day weekend with my in-laws down on Padre Island and had a blast tearing things up over at Packery Channel... totally bagged out three days in a row. This is the first of three videos, each just keeps getting better. It's funny the very minor changes we made to our rigs to...
1-6 of 6 Results