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  1. Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    Looking for used fishing lights. Seeking 2 par64 1000w fishing lights with stand.
  2. General Fishing Discussion
    2 years ago, during a fair night fishing at Freeport jetty with kids, I eyewitnessed hundreds of big speckle trout fishes showed up under lights, these fishermen caught fish almost every casts with free line live shrimp. I was so excited by the night lights. So, I search all the suggestions from...
  3. General Fishing Discussion
    I want to build a set of trout lights using the 1,000 watt bulbs. Does anyone know where to get them and what they cost? I want two of them at least. The hardware store in Bay City sells them for $60.00 each (just the bulb), but I am wondering if anyone out there is cheaper.
1-3 of 3 Results