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  1. TTMB
    Has any one used an external GPS antenna for a GPS Map4212? My unit lost its internal satellite signal and i was told i could connect an external antenna to fix this issue? Any advice would help! Thanks
  2. Fishing gear, electronics for sale and wanted
    Brand New in Box Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon.
  3. General Fishing Discussion
    I have a Garmin GPSMAP 198C; and Garmin has not supported map updates for years. So basically Its useful,for a sounder. and It has my routes stored in it. It gets me through West Bay, Christmas etc. What GPS do you guys recommend for the bays
  4. Boating Forum
    I purchased the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Sonar/GPS combo from Cableas while they were running a free map promotion. Im wondering if I should have spent a little more money and went with a bigger/more advanced unit. The unit will be mainly used for its GPS capabilities.. I cant see myself using...
  5. Boating Forum
    Ok 2coolers, this will probably turn into a grudge match of opinions but, assuming pricing being equal, would you recommend the Lowrance HDS-5m or the Garmin 540s as a good mid-priced GPS for my bay boat? Why/why not? * Please note, I already have a Lowrance XOG and a Navionics Coastal SD card...
1-6 of 6 Results