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  1. Hunts/hunting gear for sale & wanted
    Fully Body and Shell Decoys Canadian Geese & Mallard Ducks. In great condition, floaters are new (never used): (12) Green Head Mallard Floaters with carrying bag (6) Green Head Canadian Floaters with carrying bag (12) Full Body Big Foot Canadian with carrying bag (24) Shell Big Foot with...
    $1,000 USD
  2. Hunting Board
    Here at Third Coast things have been shaping up quite nicely. With some new land opurtunities this year we were able to double the amount of property we had from last year. Feilds full of feeding geese have been a common thing around here. Combine feeding feilds with the great young bird hatch...
  3. Hunting Board
    Opening weekend for goose hunting started on November first. Things have been better than expected. With some new land opportunities Third Coast was able to double their property from last year. Feeding fields of geese has been the norm around here lately. My lowest hunt this year was opening...
1-3 of 3 Results