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  1. TTMB
    Hellooooooo Everyoneeeeeeee! Hope all is well. Lots of rumors floating around every day about the Frio lately concerning it & Garner State Park being closed, or having unsafe/stagnant Waters, and my favorite most recent one is it was just tested for Hepatitis at Garner! We all know the whole...
  2. TTMB
    Helloooooo Everyoneeee.. Many of ya'll have asked to keep you updated on Frio River conditions, pictures.. etc so here's the most recent update (write up) from Memorial Day Weekend. We got out this past weekend and conditions weren't much different except smaller crowds which is very common...
  3. TTMB
    Hey Everyone, For anybody coming up to the Frio River Area soon or looking for an excuse to come.. here's a few things going on in the hill country that you might be interested in checking out if you aren't already aware! http://www.funrivers.com/EVENTS.html
  4. TTMB
    Hello Everyone, Been a while since a Photo Update.. but it's that time of year again and here to share... wasn't as packed as last weekend but still active and the water appears to be up a bit since having some nice showers the past 7 days or so. Hope you enjoy...
1-4 of 4 Results