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    I’m relatively new to inshore fishing. Been out with several guides, waded, and used kayaks. I primarily fish out of Matagorda, Rockport, and Aransas Pass. I’m interested in buying a boat to fish shallow, handle the chop in the bays, possibly go out to the near shore rigs on a calm day, and...
  2. Boating Forum
    I think my brother who wrote the book about our trip crossing the Atlantic Ocean in honor of the men who gave their lives in Operation Eagle Claw, has too much junk on the covers what do you think? He thinks I am wrong. Would you pick up this book and read it?
  3. Boating Forum
    That is probably the number one comment we heard while on the Cross The Atlantic Wounded Hero Voyage. Here are some high lights of the voyage a cross the Atlantic Ocean in a Flats Boat.
  4. Boating Forum
    I plan to buy a boat for shallow water fishing near Apalachicola, FL. The number of possibilities is bewildering to a newbie. Would like to hear pluses and minuses on Maverick 17’or 18’ HPX, Hewes Redfisher 16’ or 18’, Scout Costa 17’, and Hells Bay (Marquesa, Guide, Professional, Boca Grande)...
1-4 of 4 Results