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  1. TTMB
    Man we've been getting into those big guys lately. Bagging out every trip, and on this particular day we got several all over 20 inches. The trick is to get that bait deep... they are hanging out 5-6 down right next to the rocks. Hard to do on a rough day (I nearly went swimming several times...
  2. TTMB
    Had a beautiful day at the beach fishing with my Father in Law and I figured I would share. Not sure how many we have left before winter really sets in. Using that concept as a means to contribute to the #TeamSeas initiative and do encourage/request that you consider doing the same. I would...
  3. TTMB
    I ended up camping out at the beach for the Sharkathon shark fishing tournament a couple weeks ago... and my family ended up turning this into a big family party event. We caught a couple sharks but had more fun just hanging out at the beach, all fishing and partying together lol. Was a blast...
  4. Freshwater Fishing General Discussion Forum
    Was having some fun out at the lake with my brother and dad... after a few drinks we decided to try our hand at some bank fishing. Not our strong suite... but we were having fun regardless. The fact that we caught anything at all was a miracle. And I am going to go ahead and stake a claim for...
  5. General Fishing Discussion
    Wanted to share a video I put together of our fishing trip in East Matty last weekend. Found the fish on Saturday, ended up with 26 Trout (5 sandies), 3 Reds, 1 Flounder all on Sand Eels. Looking for the big girls, but no luck! Enjoy and I will make sure to keep'em coming!
1-5 of 5 Results