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    I know the weather has been **** lately, but has anyone been in the surf for trout lately? I’m itching to go try it out, but it sucks driving 2 hrs to Jamaica beach only to catch nada! The drive home is always long but it’s especially long after a slow day.
  2. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay â€" Seadrift, Texas by Capt. Chris Martin Sponsored Texas Marine July 28, 2013 Fishing Report I started making contact early Sunday morning calling and e-mailing guests, offering the opportunity to move their dates due to such poor conditions and slow...
  3. Individual Fishing & Game Reports
    We caught many Black Drum on fresh dead table shrimp and crayfish from Boyd's. Also quite a few Whiting, Gaftop, Hardheads, Hammer Head Shark && a couple of Stingray's one that was fairly large. :fish:
  4. TTMB
    Well, I'm convinced it's a conspiracy. EVERYBODY says they're there. My brother, Aaron Reed, http://waterwilderness.net/ is all about Snook fishing, and Snook catching. He's netted some really nice fish both here in the Corpus Christi area and Port Isabel. He swears by Port Isabel. He says...
1-4 of 4 Results