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  1. AllOutdoor.com News and Articles
    The NMMA will announce the introduction of premium ethanol-free gasoline using isobutanol to replace ethanol. The fuel will now be widely available to everyone. John will report on the testing and trials they had to prove that this new gasoline is best for boaters and all small engine users...
  2. Bluewater Board (Recreational Fishing)
    As the NY Times writes, 15% ethanol was approved for gasoline, up from the 10% maximum allowed now. This should be of concern to anybody with a bluewater, gasoline powered boat. The rule by itself doesn't allow such gasoline in older pre-2007 cars and trucks, or any boat for that matter...
  3. Bluewater Board (Recreational Fishing)
    The EPA just put off its decision on raising ethanol levels in gasoline until next summer. The existing level is 10%, which the corn growers wanted to increase to 15% (E-10 and E-15). The EPA said more durability testing was needed to make sure that engine component parts were not affected by...
1-3 of 3 Results