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  1. Hunting Board
    Hello everyone, To begin, I hope you are having an amazing day. I am currently looking for a lease. If there is a cabin with electricity and water that is great, however, I do not mind getting a camper. I am flexible on location and price. I currently have the privilege of hunting on the Galvan...
  2. Hunting Board
    Here is a Video Miles put together from 5 evening hunts in 5 different stands last season on the Nunley Chittim -Holden Pasture Deer Lease. This ranch is a low fence and all deer are free range. with no introduced genetics. This video is off 1 SD card of 18 I gave him.. He is working on Part 3...
  3. Hunting Board
    Here is a video Miles just put together.. This is part one.. This video is off 2 SD cards we have 16 more SD cards to go and he is working on part 2 now.. We will be filling 2-3 more spots on the ranch. My wife and daughter will be hunting on the small family pasture this season and going to...
  4. Hunting Board
    Been looking for a lease for over a year now. Does anyone know of a good lease finding website? I've used Craigslist but have to sort through all the "junk". Been looking on here as well. But everything seems outta my price range.
1-4 of 4 Results