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  1. Rod building forum
    Here is a rod for Emily. It is her sweet 16 b day present. Many tight lines. Batson IM6 10-17 blank, Glitter fuji ACS reel set, eva foam split grip handle, Abalone, flexlite SS guides. Sworski Crystal BLING!!! Thank you Redtail Rods
  2. scuba/spearfishing forum
    Hi folks, I am 58 years old and have been diving for 40 years since I went to the Navy Seals Dive School in the Phillipines in 1971. I was a Marine Recon Special Forces guy and one of the only non-Navy guys to ever get "Honor man" from a seals diving school. I live in northern California and I...
  3. Rod building forum
    Split grip spinning rod
  4. Rod building forum
    Here is another Redtail Rod. It is a Castaway blank with Fuji reel seat. Pink Abalone, REC Recoild guides and of course for the ladies....BLINGING
  5. Rod building forum
    Here are a couple rods I did for Marcel. A little abalone on 7 ft Mudhole Rods.
1-5 of 5 Results