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Commonly asked questions:

Q.  My email is banned, why?  I haven't even registered here before!
A.  All AOL and Hotmail addresses are banned, not just yours.  This is due to issues with both ISP's reporting our emails as spam.  We
suggest using gmail or yahoo if you need a free email service.

Q.  I registered and still can't post, why not?
A.  It takes up to 48 hours to approve all new registrations, which are hand approved.  If it's been longer than that, you probably didn't confirm the email we sent you immediately after you registered.  Check your spam folder.  If you have your spam folder set to auto delete, and need the activation codes resent, use this link

If you still can't post, keep reading...

Q.  I can't post a reply in the forums, why?
A.  The classifieds and the fishing reports are no reply forums.  If you can't post in the other forums, try posting in the test forum.  If you can post there, you can post in any forum that allows replies or posts.  If you can't post in the test forum, you should check your firewall, and make sure you are logged in.

Our complete FAQ is located here   Please check it for more detailed information.

Please note that 99% of the questions we get asked are already answered in the above information and links.  Take the time to read them before asking us to take our time to answer a question that has already been answered.  We have been at this for 15+ years and all of the questions that get asked more than once are here.

Q. Can I get a "sticky thread" for my event?
A. Stickies are limited to 10 days prior to an event. They are for charities, charitable functions, non profits and fund raisers. If it's anything political, forget it. No more than 2 stickies will be run on the boards at one time. They are first come, first served. Business events, commercial events, including boat shows, are not candidates for stickies.

It's been our experience that sticky threads are mostly ignored and in general are a poor way to promote an event. Prior to making you request, please post your event on the events board. That board has less daily traffic, which means your event will stay on it longer. Google spiders this site daily, which means it will also be picked up in searches there.

All sticky threads are at the sole descretion of staff. Please do NOT use to the top, aka TTT or any other mechanism to push your threads to the top of the board. Instead, use your intelligence to update them with timely updates.

Q. I saw an objectionable ad on the forums. What should I do about it?
A. Please click on the banner and copy the link URL. Send a private message via the private message system to Mont with the link URL in it. Within 48 hours, the ad will be blacklisted and will not appear again. If you post on the forums about the problem, you will actually make it worse. This is because google and other ad partners use keywords within the post themselves to decide which ads to display. By bringing attention to an ad that isn't within our normal guidelines, you may actually get 2coolfishing.com listed as the problem instead of the ad itself. We strive to keep all our ads G or PG rated, but things do happen from time to time and others can slip past us.

Q. How do I change my username?
A. Send a PM to 2CoolAdmin with your request. Username changes are $20 per change.


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