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Picking up from where we left off yesterday, let's home in on one of several controlled-angle honing kits offered by Lansky Sharpeners. The kit I selected will prove more than adequate for not only sharpening knives in general, but will also sharpen serrated blades such as bread knives in addition to fish hooks
Undoubtedly, one of the most important tools outdoor folks can carry afield is not a knife, per se, but rather a very sharp knife. Whether you are an angler or a hunter, the importance of a sharp blade is of paramount importance
Fresh is what the bays are and it has crippled our fishing the last few weeks. As of mid January the northern part of the bay is completely fresh but the salinity levels are just starting to creep up as I write this article
THE GIMP FLYMy first fly-tying kit came with a sixty-four page booklet titled Practical Flies and Their Construction, written by Lacey E. Gee and Erwin D
Following my July 15, 2018 article titled "Finesse Fishing for Fingerlings," several of you asked me to do a report on fly lines in general. Specifically, you had asked that I recommend fly lines ranging from inexpensive to expensive and the differences between them
The fall season overall has been much better than I was expecting after the tough year of fishing that we have had. Easy limits are the norm except on those bluebird days when there is no wind or some type of westerly factor influencing the wind
The speckled trout and redfish fall pattern has begun and in full force. Lower Trinity bay has erupted with spurts of bird activity from Tabbs Bay all the way to the pocket and expect this pattern to only get better
After a day's fishing, it's nice to come home in the afternoon and just relax on the deck or patio with a beverage and a light bite to eat before preparing dinner. However, that respite is often interrupted by annoying bands of bugs that want in on your territory, food, and beverage
There is a striking resemblance among the many varieties of strike indicators on the market today. Some are comprised of cork with a rubber wedge that holds a leader sandwiched between the two materials
Here we are again right in the middle of summer and the heat is on. The speckled trout are moving deeper
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2Cool Fishing Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 3
Bay Flats Lodge on San Antonio Bay By Captain Chris Martin The cool front that rolled through the mid-coast region on Thursday made for clear skies, and the ensuing atmospheric high-pressure system made for a slow start. As a result, yesterday’s party of four with Capt. Nick Dahlman struggled throughout the morning hours in their attempt to locate an active bite. Between Thursday and Friday, bay water temperatures dropped nearly 12-degrees, and the fish had clearly decided it to be in their best interest to wait until the warming period of the afternoon. When the fish did finally decide they were hungry, Capt. Nick’s team discovered that the plastic paddle tail color that enticed most of the fish was plum/chartreuse. Read the full story

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