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ravrav7 08-08-2007 06:14 PM

Pine Gulley Park
Just curious, what is the closest place to Pine Gulley Park to get live bait? I have never fished there but my neighbor tells me it is easy an easy trip from Sugar land.


sqwaby 08-08-2007 07:14 PM

The park is off of Toddville rd in Seabrook. For bait you might try 3 amigos fuel dock in the Seabrook ship yard, Anton on this board works there he can tell you the hours. There is also a bait shop on the Seabrook side of the bridge down past Pappadeauxs.

ravrav7 08-08-2007 08:11 PM

thanks for the information, i will be sure to post a report after we get back, thanks again

Shoalwater17 08-08-2007 08:34 PM

Linda's at Sylvan Beach in Laporte has live shrimp and dead bait. Call first to make sure they have live if that is what you are after.

tee-bag 08-08-2007 09:47 PM

Agree with shoalwater lindas would be the way to go

Fish_tx 08-08-2007 10:30 PM

The Bait Barn is where I get mine down in Baycliff. Closer than drivin to Laporte.

ravrav7 08-08-2007 10:46 PM

thanks again for the replys, i have no idea what to expect when i go there since i have never been there before. would i be ok fishing just artificial? or do i need live bait? thanks again

BACLIFF BERT 08-09-2007 01:48 AM

That pier gets crazy crowded with imigrants on the weekend. You should see all the people suddley pack up to go when a game warden walks the planks and they do
come there.
The inside corners of the t-head are very good for flounder.

boashna 08-09-2007 02:05 AM

going to galveston or texas city is faster ,and better, get on fery without a car and fish the other side 24/7 lighted and nice

Terry G. 08-09-2007 06:07 AM

I go to pine gully quite a bit, (do not go during the week ends, just too crowded) and getting bait from Linda's at Sylvan Beach in Laporte is more expensive than most other places, but if there pier is open its "much" longer than pine gully but I like pine gully better for during the week.

almost any place any more is crowded on the weekends, believe me.
another place I like to go is "18th pier" in San Leon/Baycliff.
San Luis Pass Pier (979) 233-6902 Freeport, Texas
Surfside Jetty(979) 239-3547 Surfside, Texas
Mitchell's Fishing Pier (979) 233-0722
Galveston Pier 409-744-2273 Galveston, Texas
61st Street Fishing Pier (409) 744-8365 Galveston, Texas
Gulf Coast Pier (409) 744-2273
TexasCity Pier 409-948-8172 Texas City, Texas
Jetty Park (979) 239-3547 Surfside, Texas
Corpus Christi Pier - emmett_mc@yahoo.com Corpus Christi, Texas
Copano State Pier 1-800-792-1112 Rockport, Texas
Jim's Pier (956) 761-2865 Port Isabel, Texas
Spillway Fishing Pier 282-559-2403 Bacliff, Texas
18th Street Fishing Pier 281-339-2600 Dickinson, Texas
18th Street Pier 409-744-2273 Dickinson, Texas
Pirates Pier 956-943-7437 Port Isabel, Texas
Bob Hall Pier 361-949-7437 Corpus Christi, Texas
Indian Point Pier 361-643-1600 Portland, Texas
Sea Ranch Pier 956-761-4665 South Padre Island, Texas
Meacoms Pier 409-286-5043 High Island, Texas
here is my list i made a while ago
some may be repets, Not all are real "fishing piers but places where a small dock or platform are fishable.
Pine Gully rd. Park
Bay Area blvd @ Bay Area Park
Walter Hall Park & Hwy 3 (old galveston rd.)
Challenger Seven Memorial Park & W.Nasa blvd
Morgan's Point
Baytown @ 146 & Evergreen st
Red Bluff Rd & Carmel Woods Dr (Park)
Mouth of Oyster Lake (known as Palacios Bayou) where a bridge crosses the bayou. Located about 15 miles south of Collegeport, TX on Tres Palacios Bay.
Matagorda Harbor on the ICWW, located just east of Matagorda.
Palacios Tx Bayfront. This area is all paved with a pavilion and all are accessible to a wheelchair.
Bridge crossing Turtle Bayou on Hwy 35 about one mile west of Palacios.
Olivia Tx Bayfront, located at south end of Hwy 172 on Keller Bay.
St. Charles Bay
Goose Island Fishing Pier ---- Goose Island State Park, Lamar, Tx.***Restrooms
Copano Bay
Copano Fishing Pier ---- Copano State fishing Pier, Rockport, Tx.
***Restrooms are questionable
Aransas Bay
Fulton Fishing Pier ---- Fulton Tx.***Restrooms Nearby ---- Baitstand

Rockport Turning Basin Pier ---- Rockport, Tx*** Restrooms Nearby
Corpus Christi Bay
Conn Brown Pier ---- Conn Brown Harbor, Aransas Pass, Tx.

*** No Restrooms --- Redfish Bay
Ransom Channel Park Pier ---- Aransas Pass, Tx.
*** No Restrooms -- Redfish Bay
Indian Point Pier ---- Portland, Tx.,
*** Restrooms
Bob Hall Pier ---- Padre Island, Tx.
*** Restrooms --- Surf Fishing
Ancel Brundrette Pier ---- Port Aransas, Tx.,
*** Restrooms --- Channel and Pass Fishing --- Corpus Christi Ship Channel at the start of Port Aransas Jettys
J. P. Luby Pier ---- Port Aransas, Tx.
*** Restrooms -- Channel Fishing --- Corpus Christi Ship Channel
Port Arthur Area
Meacom's Pier ---- High Island -- (Gulf fishing) --409/286-5675
Owner - Terry Harris

Dirty Pelican ---- High Island -- (Gulf fishing) -- 409/286-5854
Owner - Jan Kent

Mesquite Point ---- Pleasure Island --(Bay fishing) -- 409/983-8300
Owner - Jefferson Co., Waymon Hallmark (County Commissioner)

Pleasure Island Piers (x5) ---- Pleasure Island -- 409/982-4675
Owner - Pleasure Island Commission, Jimmy Dike (Executive Director)
Lake Jackson / Freeport Area

Quintana Beach County Park ---- R.V. Campground ---- (Saltwater) w/ wheelchair accessible restrooms
**Fishing Pier is further down beach and an automobile would make it easier to move from the park to the pier.

Quintan Jetties ---- left of Quintana Beach County Park ---- (Saltwater)
**If coming from Quintan Beach County Park an automobile would make it easier to move from the park to the jetties.

San Luis Pass County Park ---- R.V. Campground ---- (Saltwater) w/ wheelchair accessible restrooms
Surfside Jetty County Park ---- Located on the Surfside Beach ---- (Saltwater) w/ wheelchair accessible restrooms

Hanson Riverside County Park ---- Located along the San Bernard River between West Columbia and Sweeney ---- (Freshwater)
Albert Finkle Memorial County Park ---- along 2.5 acres of Chocolate Bayou ---- (Freshwater)

Old Brazos River ---- Freeport's Texas City Park ---- (Saltwater) w/ wheelchair accessible restrooms

Buffalo Camp Bayou ---- Lake Jackson, Texas ---- (Freshwater)
**No restroom facilities
Upper Coast

Galveston Bay
North Jetty Bait Camp
Port Bolivar, Texas

Seawolf Park Bait
Seawolf Park, Galveston

Basin Bait Camp
Galveston Yacht Basin

Lee's Bait & Tackle
Texas City Dike

Dollar Point Marina
4220 Bay St Ext.

Eagle Point Fishing Camp
Eagle Point, San Leon

San Leon Marina
5th st. San Leon

18th Street Fishin Pier
18th St. San Leon

Spillway Bait & Tackle
HL&P Spillway, Bayshore Drive, San Leon

Sackett's Bait & Fuel
under Kemah Bridge

Linda's Sylvan Beach Bait & Tackle
Sylvan Beach, La Porte

Crawley's Seafood
Cedar Point

Thompson's Bait Camp
Cedar Point

East Bay

Bayside Fishing Live Bait Camp
Bolivar Peninsula
409/684-8000 or 409/502-7394

Dirty Pelican Pier
High Island side of Rollover Pass

Tim's Bait & Tackle
Bolivar side of Rollover Pass

Shirley's Blue Beacon
Siever's Cove

Bolivar Bait Camp
Siever's Cove Stingaree Marina
Intercoastal Waterway near Fat Rat Flats

Charpiot Marina
Intercoastal Waterway near Fat Rat Flats

J C's Bait & Restaurant
North Jetty

Shirley's Bait Camp
Port Bolivar

Smith Point Trading Co.
Smith Point

West Bay

Childress Bait Camp
Smith Point

Rusty Hook #1
23230 San Luis Pass Rd.

San Luis Pass Fishing Pier
Freeport side of San Luis Pass

Rusty Hook #2
Freeport side of San Luis Pass

Terramar Cafe & Bait
Terramar Beach

Lowry's Landing
Sea Isle

West Bay Bait & Tackle
Jamaica Beach

Pirate's Beach Marina
Pirate's Beach

Galveston Fishing Pier
Seawall Blvd.

Negrini's Bait & Tackle
61st Street

Tucker's Bait & Tackle
71st Street Exit/off 45

71st Street Exit/off 45

Causeway Fish Camp
Galv. side of Causeway Bridge

Teakwood Marina
Tiki Island

Trinity Bay

Childress Bait Camp
Smith Point


Rusty Hook #2
11511 Bluewater Hwy.

Ernie's #2 Bait Camp
2211 E. Hwy. 322

Bridge Bait & Tackle
Hwy 322 at Surfside Bridge

Bigdaddy101 08-09-2007 07:07 AM

Linda's is high, but it is also convenient (go figure). Pretty easy in and out. I have lived in LaPorte all my life and would not fish Sylvan Beach Pier, a lot of hours and minimal fish. But any of the other pier between Sylvan Beach and Seabrook I have had luck on. The one good thing about Sylvan beach is that it has rails, good for kids to fish.

Terry G. 08-09-2007 07:55 AM

i agree but in my opinion the pier was not made for a active fisher-person and have seen lots of people hang up bad on the walk way supports that stick out so far.

i am medically retird and so i ride a scooter but some times i can walk a bit, one week end wife and i were just out driving around and we stoped there and was just going to walk out a bit and look at the water.

we had two guys hussle us off and was told under no conditions could we "even walk out on the pier" unless we payed the 4 or so bucks "each", being a crusty old fart i told em to kiss that little brown spot on me.........

Bigdaddy101 08-09-2007 08:19 AM

Terry, If you are a resedent of LaPorte, there is another park right down the road from Sylvan Beach that is a lot more private and has a pier also. It is next to Happy Harbor. Once again though, not much for fishing, but a good place to enjoy the view of the bay. Every once and a while a red or black drum will be caught out there, and maybe a few sheep head, but that's about it.

Terry G. 08-09-2007 09:39 AM

been there (not a resedent thought), but what i saw ( we snuck in) was people catchin specks out the butt, and some cownose rays, drum and sheephead, i was using dead shrimp and getting specks, ok not a lot but still.

thanks for the info( you know if you are a resedent you can take people who are not resedents) to fish there..

chickenlips'n'snailhips 08-09-2007 10:54 AM

lindas is out of the way if you are planning on fishing the pine gully pier. you will pass the pier to go to lindas and back track to the pier. fyi

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