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Longer Life Bait Cooler
Dec 22, 2008
by Chris Grech

Longer Life Products Inc., a supplier of products designed to keep baitfish alive, has just introduced an innovative new fishing product called the Longer Life Bait Cooler. This design keeps baitfish alive for days since it combines the three proven techniques of aeration, oxygen delivery and insulation. The included water-resistant Mega Air Pump provides the aeration. Insert two D batteries and you can expect over 100 hours of operation. The oxygen delivery makes its way into the water via the included air stone and innovative Oxygen Adapter. Last but not least is insulation, which is often forgotten. When trying to keep delicate baitfish alive, like spearing, water temperature is just as important as oxygen. The thick insulation of this cooler will keep the water temperature stable, regardless of the temperature outside the cooler. Itís great for your boat, car, kayak, surf, pier, etc. This product also makes a nice back-up bait well to keep in your boat or even at home for your aquarium because it can be folded up and stored using very little space. Itís also useful if you want to separate different types of live bait from your permanent live well. You can use any of the pieces independently, like the pump and oxygen adapter to turn your large hard cooler into an ideal bait well for larger baitfish. The oxygen adaptor was made to fit through the drain hole of a cooler so that the air could be pumped from the bottom of the cooler, eliminating the problems that come with placing the hose over the top of the cooler. Now the lid of a cooler can be shut so the water stays the same temperature and does not spill this product has a lot of value. $39.95


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