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Simrad recently announced its new ForwardScan forward-looking echosounder transducer. What makes this different than traditional sonar showing boaters only where they have been, the new technology provides a clear image on a Simrad multifunction display of the water column and ocean floor in front of the boat
Want to start a debate with your fishin' partner?I can tell you a great way to do it. The way I'd have you start this debate might not make much sense to you
I think it's safe to say that everybody loves beef jerky. I sure do
As we approach April and our typical springtime patterns the winds will increase. 15-20 mph winds most likely will be the norm for the next 6-8 weeks
Can you remember as a kid the excitement you felt when finding out you were going fishing? The anticipation and excitement made it almost like Christmas morning. Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to take a day off to take those kids fishing and make them happy
This time of year the mindset for most anglers goes in one of two directions; chasing big speckled trout or putting up the fishing gear and waiting until more fisherman friendly weather arrives in the Spring. Fortunately, Sabine offers excellent fishing year around and I for one never have any plans of ever putting my fishing gear up
You and your best pal are going fishing in the morning. You've been thinking all afternoon about what you need to do to be all set when he comes by to pick you up in the morning
Screen Bright Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes are a great new product that I recently discovered. The wipes are lint free and can be used to clean virtually all electronic devices
The month of February is the beginning of the fishing calender year. We will have milder temperatures and longer days as we progress thru the month and the fish will respond to this change
Practice casting is certain to put more fun into your fishing. It's also going to make it a whole lot more pleasant for your fishing companion
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Is your flat plate gear system making a screaming noise? Does it make a tremendous racket as you lower the boat? If so you're one of hundreds of boat lift owners that experience the same issue. Being in the boat lift industry for over a decade now I've seen it all but the screaming of a gear plate is a common issue, here is how you solve it: Tight Lines, Michael Boat Lift Distributors 800-657-9998 713-461-9443 (local) www.boatliftdistributors.com Read the full story

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