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There's no mystery why one of the most knowledgeable "Behind the Scenes" bass fishermen I've ever met selects the lures he does whenever he climbs in his bass boat.That man is the friend I've told you about in my past two columns
Yes it is cold and yes it is a little rainy but that doesn't mean the fish stop biting. Hardcore anglers willing to brave the wet and cold and harshness of the Texas winter are coming up with some decent action on both live shrimp and artificials
In all sports there are things one can do to increase the odds of being successful. Fishing is no exception
The Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! DoubleTails have double the action to entice your favorite gamefish. These new offerings from Berkley combine the shapes of their Swimming Mullets and Minnow Grubs
December has always offered up great fishing opportunities for all types of anglers. It looks like this month so far has achieved above average temperatures and that is giving us above average fishing also
I suspect any bassin' man who knows the difference between a bass and a barracuda has at least a few plastic worms in his bait box. The lure marketing and bass catchin' wizard I told you about in my column here last month certainly does
I'm one of the luckiest old timers who ever picked a tangled backlash out of his level wind reel.And when I mention luck, I'm not thinking of the wondrous opportunities I've had to fish from the Amazon to Alaska or the fish I've put in the boat from Nevada to New Zealand
The new FIN-NOR Lethal 2-speed Lever-drag reels feature an oversized stainless drive gear and pinion, a more powerful Megadrag construction and Megashield ­corrosion ­protection. The exclusive Megadrag system combines ­carbon-fiber and stainless-steel drag plates, with Cal's Grease for ­heat-dissipating ­performance
November is here and I love it. This is by far my favorite time of the year because of the great opportunities that this month will offer to the coastal angler
"If you could pick one month out of the year to fish Sabine what one would it be?" A rather simple sounding question that is asked often on my boat but is much more difficult to answer than you would think. The different seasons start running through my head along with the different programs that are so addictive to fish
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Volume 2 Issue 3
Sometimes a trailer hook can make the difference in catching bass or going home skunked. That comment won't come as a surprise to anglers who've spent much time fishing the heavy cover of one kind or another in the best bass water all over the country. What might come as news, if they've not already heard about it, is how much easier the nation's leading marketer of hooks has made use trailer hooks. Read the full story

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